How To Create and Assign Footers To a Page

1. Navigate to the Footers section section and click on the “Add New” button 2. Specify your footer title 3. Set the template to “Aheto Canvas” and save your changes 4. Edit the footer via Elementor 5. On the next screen, specify your desired column structure 6. Drag your desired […]

How To Create and Assign Headers To a Page

1. Navigate to the Headers section and click on the “Add New” button 2. Specify your header title 3. Set the template to “Aheto Canvas” 4. Edit the header via Elementor 5. Drag the “Navbar” widget to the header 6. Set your logo 7. Select the additional menu you wish […]

Pricing Tables

Creates Pricing Tables that convert The element contains 3 layouts: Portomega Table Simple Portomega Table Modern Portomega Table Fancy

Features Tab

Renders a tab group with different tabs to put information. The element contains two layouts: Portomega Tab List Portomega FAQ tab


Allows you to create buttons with different functionality. The element contains six layouts: Classic With Underline Portomega Primary Portomega Secondary Portomega Gradient with Radius Portomega Gradient with Square

Contact Forms

Enables you to add a contact form to our site. The element contains six layouts namely: Portomega Simple Form Portomega Digital Form Portomega Newsletter Form Portomega Modern Form Portomega Subscribe Form 2 Portomega Newsletter Form 2


Renders videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or upload your own using Video Button Shortcode. The element can be rendered using either of the two layouts: Classic Portomega Modern 


Displays your client side’s awesome feedback on your site. The element contains four layouts namely: Portomega Zoom Effect BlockQuote Portomega Services Portomega Fancy BlockQuote Portomega Simple Blockquote

Custom Post Types

Display either your blog posts, pages, portfolios, products and other custom post type with a variety of styles. A custom query can also be added to fetch data from a particular source. The element contains three layouts namely: Portomega Single Post Portomega Fancy Post Portomega Slider


Used to setup stylish headings The element can be used to set a heading from the page title or a custom heading. The element contains a single layout “Portomega Simple”.