Theme Options


The following options can be enabled in this section: 

  • Site Favicon – Upload any media using the WordPress Native Uploader.
  • Site preloader – enable/disable preloader option
  • Portfolio navigation – add navigation to portfolio page 
  • Single page sidebar – enables the sidebar on single page


You can add sidebar to the blog or single post:

  • Single post sidebar – enable/disable sidebar on single post page
  • Show/Hide blog sidebar – enable/disable sidebar on Blog page

  • Default menu typography – the typography type, it can be default (click on ) or custom.
  • Fixed header position – click on to enable fixed header. 
  • Logo type – the type of logo.It can be of the following values: image or text.
  • Site logo – upload any media using the WordPress Native Uploader.
  • Retina logo – upload any media using the WordPress Native Uploader.
  • Logo height – the height of logo


You can change portfolio slug along with portfolio category slug here:

  • Portfolio slug URL – change slug in portfolio post url 
  • Portfolio Category Slug URL – change slug in portfolio category URL

Custon CSS, JS

This section was specially created for you to easy customize your site by adding custom CSS and JavaScript code:

  • Footer background color – select 

    background color for footer

  • Footer style – the footer style. It can take one of the following values: center alignment, standard, copyright on left menu on right
  • Footer sidebar – enable sidebar on footer
  • Default footer typography – select typography for the block
  • Copyright text – add copyright info here

404 Page

These option can be used to change the main text in 404 page:


Here you can export backup of your theme than to import it back if needed:


You can view the documentation in this section: 

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