Theme Options


  • Page preloader – enable/disable preloader on pages
  • Site type – the way pages are displayed on page:one page or multiple


  • Logo type – the type of logo. It can take one of the following values
  • Desktop site Logo – upload any media using the WordPress Native Uploader.
  • Mobile Site Logo –  upload any media using the WordPress Native Uploader.
  • Style menu – the menu can be of two styles: style 1 and style 2


  • Slug for quest items – the part of a URL that identifies the quest page in human-readable keywords 
  • Slug for category quest items – the part of a URL that identifies the categories page in human-readable keywords
  • Add bottom overlay for main image in gallery – click yes if you would like to enable the overlay
  • Label for quest description – add title for Quest description 
  • Quest locations – in the drop-down fields fill in address, phone, email and Latitude / Longitude (the Google Maps coordinates)
  • Map zoom –  map zooming is used to get a more detailed view. It can take the values from 0 to 19. If this parameter is not specified – it gets ‘default’, 11. 
  • Google API key –  API lets you place an interactive map
  • Marker for map – upload the marker 
  • Map style – the map type. It can take one of the followng values: default or custom
  • Add animation for quests – enable animation effect on Quests page
  • Animation on scroll – the type of animation during scroll
  • Duration animation –  the time period animation would last


  • Subtitle for list posts – the subtitle for posts
  • Title for lists posts – the posts` title
  • Show sidebar – enable sidebar on Blog page
  • Show overlay for post detail main image – enable/disable overlay effect for post detail page
  • Show post categories –  shows post categories. The value can be “on” or “off”
  • Show post tags – allows post tag.The value can be “on” or “off”
  • Show share social icon on detail post page – enables share social icons on on detail post page.The value can be “on” or “off”
  • Show post navigation – enables/disables navigation 
  • Pagination style for posts list – the pagination type: theme style or default
  • Text for pagination – show more or similar text should be added here
  • Subtitle for similar posts on post’s details page – add the subtitle 
  • Animation on scroll – the type of animation during scroll
  • Duration animation –  the time period animation would last
  • Add animation for blog – enable animation effect on Blog page

 The following options are available in Footer:

  • Sticky footer – enable sticky footer. The value can be yes or no
  • Footer socials – enable social icons. The value can be yes or no
  • Footer social links – add social link 

Custom CSS and JS

This section was specially created for you to easy customize your site by adding custom CSS and JavaScript code:

404 page

This option can be used to change the main text in 404 page:

Backup options 

Here you can export backup of your theme than to import it back if needed:


You can view the documentation in this section: 

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