Choose menu specification

Go to Appearance > Menus. If you want to change menu specification, you need to mark “any menu type you want” and Save changes.


To create a new menu, navigate to Appearance > Menus from your WordPress admin panel and click on Create a new menu. Enter a name for your new menu and then click Create Menu.




Every page that you have created will be listed in the section on the left named Pages. Simply check the pages that you would like to add to your menu and click the Add to Menu button. Once you have added pages to your menu, you can click and drag the menu items to rearrange them, or nest them one underneath the other.


In the Menu Settings section (which is located underneath the Menu Structure section), check the checkbox next to Top menu and click Save Menu. This will activate the menu you have just created, and you should now see a functional menu in your header.


You can edit your menus in the Edit Menus tab. When editing menus, you can click on the small triangle icon on each menu item to open a list of editable settings:


Also you can change settings in Customize menu

Deleting a menu item

Select the menu item that you want to delete from the menu editor screen.  
Press on the arrow icon in the top right-hand corner of the menu item/box to expand it.  
Click on the Remove link. The menu item/box will be immediately deleted.  
Click the Save Menu button to save your changes.


Reading settings

Follow Settings in WordPress Admin Panel and select Reading. Then choose: A static page and select Front page and Post page. Make sure to click ‘Save Changes’ button, otherwise your changes will be lost.


Building pages

Building pages is very easy in this theme as you will use the Visual Composer Page Builder and all the shortcodes that comes with it. In order to start visually building a new page all you have to do is:

Go to Pages > Add New in order to add a new page.  

If you see CLASSIC MODE button, that’s mean you are editing page in backend builder editor.


The builder is composed of elements that can be added on the page by dragging & dropping them (or by clicking on them).

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