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In this section you can change site type, page`s order, header typography, add/hide sidebar, enable preloader and logotype. Parameters:

  • Sity type –  the site type. It can take one of the following values: multiple or one page
  • Select pages for one type – choose from the list the pages which should be involved in one page
  • Order by pages – select from the list an appropriate order sort
  • Order pages –  the order to sort pages: Ascending or Descending 
  • Hide sidebar – click yes to disable the sidebar 
  • Preloader – here preloader option can be enabled/disabled 
  • Type logo – the logo type. It can be image or video 
  • Site logo image – if you chose image logotype, upload the image using this option
  • Favicon –  upload an icon here. It should be not more 64×64 pixels and only in format .ico or .png. The favicon icon  will be displayed in the browser’s address bar  
  • Width header –  the header width. It could be of the following types:container or  full width
  • Typography title – the font type for title


With below mentioned options you can add image, heading title and description as well as number of products on shop page:

  • Shop heading image – upload image in this field. It will be placed in header section on shop page
  • Shop heading title – the Title for heading section 
  • Shop heading description – short description. It will be placed under title
  • Products per row – a number of products per row. It can take the following values: two, three or four columns:
  • Type image shop – select image type on shop page: cover or contain


With Blog options you can add sidebar, pager, change blog style and width, add banner (with title and subtitle) and make changes in contact form: 

  • Width blog – the amount of columns on Blog page. Select one, two or three columns
  • Pager –  you can add pagination with this option. The value can be hide or show.
  • Show sidebar – click yes if you would like to have the sidebar on blog page
  • Style Blog – the blog page style. It can be classic or default
  • Banner blog – you can add banner on blog page. The value can be hide or show.
  • Title/Subtitle banner – the banner title/subtitle 
  • Background image – here image for banner should be uploaded
  • Contact from blog – with this option contact form option can be enabled. The value can be hide or show.
  • Background color form – here you can change color of the form 
  • Contact form Blog – select an appropriate contact form type from the list
  • Title/Subtitle form  – with these options title and subtitle can be added for the contact form
  • Description form –  a short description for the form. It will be displayed under title/subtitle

Single post

You can add/hide sidebar and pagination on single post pages:

  • Show slidebar – click yes to add sidebar on single post page
  • Show pagination  on post detail – with this option you can enable/disable pagination on post detail page

Copyright and contact information as well as social icons can be added  with the following options:

  • Type logo – select a logo tyle, it can take the following values: text or image
  • Footer copyright – here you can change copyright information
  • Footer contact info – contact information can filled in this field
  • Footer social links – here social links can be added 

404 page

This option can be used to change the main text in 404 page and style of the page:

Backup options 

Here you can export backup of your theme than to import it back if needed:

Custom CSS and JavaScript

This section was specially created for you to easy customize your site by adding custom CSS and JavaScript code:


You can view the documentation in this section: 

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