Headline shortcode

In the settings you will need to select background (simple text or image background), than fill in Title and Subtitle:

Team Members shortcode

You will need to add image, Title, Position and Values (social links) in the Settings:

Skills shortcode

Just add
Main Title and Values (Title and Number):

Map shortcode:

In General section fill in the fields: Latitude, Longitude, Map zoom. Choose the style (Default or Custom):

Add contact information to Address, Phones and Emails fields:

Slider shortcode

Slider is a parent shortcode, which means you will need to add a child one – Slider Itemas :

It can be displayed in two ways, depending on design style:

Style 1

Required set of options: 

  • Design style  – Style 1
  • Autoplay – 0 
  • Click yes on Loop
  • Speed – 500

In Slider item upload background image, add Title and Subtitle:

Style 2

The following set of options will be required: 

  • Design style  – Style 2
  • Click yes on Show pagination
  • Autoplay – 0 
  • Click yes on Loop
  • Speed – 500

In the Slider item upload background image, add Title, Subtitle, Button text and button`s URL:

In the settings you will need to select:

  • Background – Portfolio style
  • Count items per line – 4 items(Default)
  • Post per page 12
  • Select categories
  • Order by – ID

Image-video background shortcode

You will need to select Image background in the settings. Than upload image and add Title, Subtitle, button URL:

Title and Icon services 

In the settings you will need to add icon, title and the text:

Call to Action

In the settings select background type than add image, title, subtitle and button URL:


Only images will be required to add in this shortcode:


The following fields are necessary to fill in: Background image, Values (Title, Numbers and Icon). You can enable animation here as well:

Step services:

You would need to fill in Title, Text fields and add image. You can add char option by clicking yes on Show background char:

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