In  General section you can add Sidebar (Widgets) to Pages, Blog and Post pages enable Human Diff and Lazy load (the last option is only for Images and Maps)


  • Show sidebar on page – check in the pages on which the sidebar should be displayed (posts, blog or pages)
  • Enable lazy load – click on to enable lazy load on Images and Maps
  • Human diff – click on to change date format
  • Enable coming soon –  click on to enable coming soon option 
  • Page coming soon – select the page type
  • Protected subtitle – the subtitle for protected page
  • Protected title –  the title for protected page
  • Main title  – the title for menu header section
  • Main content – short text can be added in this field for  menu header section
  • Menu header image – upload image ( menu header section)
  • Preloader – click on to enable preloader on pages
  • Preloader type – select preloader type. It can take one of the following values: default, custom text, custom image.

  • If you check on  Human Diff option, Dates format will be changed into the following:

The sidebar will be displayed on the front page as here:

With  Coming soon option you can enable the possibility for anyone visiting your site to see only one page. The page should be selected from the list:

The text ( Title and Subtitle) on the pages with protected status could be changed in Protected settings:

Here is how the  Main info options are displayed on the front page (in Main menu):

You can change the background  Image, Title and Content there:

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