The shortcode can be of two types, depending on the style you choose in the Settings: Pricing simple, Pricing Featured image The cases the following fields should be filled in:  Title, Subtitle, Price, Description and Button. The last option could be of several types (Simple, Creative, Arrow). In addition, an image would be necessary if you […]


To create the same shortcode as in the sample above fill in the following fields: Image Background – upload image Border Size – insert border size Numbers – add numbers and  title as the fields Figure – choose the figure type. It can take one of the following values: none, triangle, circle, square, oxagon Color […]


Awards Awards shortcode will be shown on the page as here: Parameters: Year – year when the award was given Title – the awards title Title link – the link which will lead from title to another page Subtitle – the awards subtitle  Separator – check yes to add dividing line In the  List Awards field the […]

8.3.1 Product List shortcode

Product list shortcode  Parent parameters: Select Categories – Here you can select from which categories will display the posts. Order by – Here you can select how to sort retrieved posts. Sort order – Here you can select ascending or descending order. Count items  – Here you can select the […]

8.3.0 Info Block shortcode

 Info block shortcode  Parent parameters: Classic. Text – Here you can add the text. Image – Here you can add the image. Button style – Here you can select the style of the button. Button – Here you can add the URL with the title. Extra class name – If […]

8.2.9 Split slider shortcode

Split Slider shortcode  Parent parameters: Split slider Item:  Section Image – Here you can upload your own images. Section background color –  Here you can select the background color for this section. Item style – Here you can select the style for the section. Subtitle- Here you can enter your […]

8.2.8 Tur Gallery shortcode

Yuk Gallery shortcode  Parent parameters: Type Gallery. Fullscreen with the thumbnail. Images – Here you can upload your own images. Extra class name – If you wish to style particular content element differently, then use this field to add a class name and then refer to it in your CSS […]

8.2.7 Testimonials shortcode

Testimonials shortcode  Parent parameters: Modern sider. Main  title – Here you can add the title. Autoplay (sec) – Here you can select the time (sec) when your slides start to switch. Speed (milliseconds) – Here you can select the time of the animation speed, how your slides will move. Loop  […]